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These days fire-resistant glass is recommended to be used in construction works with a view to limiting damage caused by fire hazards. Besides the factor of ensuring safety, the fire-resistant glass is also beautifully designed with many designs. In particular, 120-minute fire-resistant glass not only ensures the safety of both people and construction works, but also creates a modern and exquisite beauty for each architectural work.

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Common characteristic

120-minute fire-resistant glass also has all the advantages of a high-end fire-resistant glass, and it is capable of bringing safety to people and buildings when a fire incident occurs:

Can withstand fire up to 120 minutes without being deformed, broken or damaged like any other ordinary glass.

Prevent the fire from spreading to other areas, avert the power of the flame from being stronger. Withstand thermal shock and high temperatures.

Prevent the attack of smoke, toxic gas, gas ... protect the respiratory system.

Help extend the periods of time so people can find a way to escape or wait for someone to come to rescue…

Hai Long Production and Trading Co,. Ltd. would like to introduce fire-resistant toughened glass bearing Hai Long brand:

Fire-resistant glass named E120 with Hai Long brand of Hai Long Production and Trading Co,. Ltd. has been granted the Certificate of inspection of means of fire prevention and fighting by the Department of Fire Prevention and Fighting. Standard products:

• TCVN 7455:2013 Building glass - Heat treated flat glass

• TCVN 8648:2011. Building glass - Architectural structures installed with glass. Classification according to fire resistance.

TCVN 9311-1:2012 Fire resistance test - Parts of construction works. 

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