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Frosted glass

Frosted Glass is produced by spraying a thin layer of sand into the surface of the glass. Sandblasting does not change the characteristics of the glass, but only transfers from flat, glossy, transparent glass surfaces into bumpy, matte white ones.

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Common characteristic

Frosted glass considered as a smart solution serves functions of decorating and covering spaces where needed. Glass researchers and manufacturers gradually improve and develop this material to make it to be used in wider scope. Therefore, frosted tempered glass was produced to apply beauty and creativity into the interior decoration materials industry.

This is a product with high aesthetics, meeting the conditions required by consumers.

The opacity and color of sand create variety to frosted tempered glass. Frosted tempered glass still retains the advantages of tempered glass. It is a material which is 5-7 times more heat resistant, pressure resistant than ordinary glass. In addition, frosted tempered glass also has its certain unique values. That is the reason why frosted tempered glass is widely used in practice.

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