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Insulating glass

Insulating glass (sound-proof, heat-proof insulating glass) which is called Insulating Glass or Double Glazing in English composed of two or more layers of glass. The space between the two layers of glass is injected with 95% - 97% of Argon gas. The two layers of glass are separated by aluminum spokes which contain hygroscopic particles . The outer layer of two-component Silicon sealant will integrate with the glass layers and shaped aluminum spokes. The desiccant particles bear the function of absorbing remaining moisture in the inner air layer, creating an effectively sound-proof, heat-proof insulating glass.

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Handling and recalling defective products at the construction site.

Common characteristic

1 - Aluminum spokes frame contains hygroscopic particles between layers of glass

2 - Glass: the outer layer usually uses toughened glass, reflective glass, Low-E glass, laminated glass.

3 - Two-component sealant glueing the aluminum spokes with the glass layers.

4 - Argon gas

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