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Hai Long Production & Trading Co., Ltd. is proud to be one of the units that laid the foundation for the tempered glass industry in Vietnam. Hai Long has brought toughened glass to every project, home so that you can have a safer and more convenient life from toughened glass products bearing brand "Hai Long Safety Glass".

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Handling and recalling defective products at the construction site.

Common characteristic

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass produced with heat treatment technology to create a much higher bearing capacity and safety than ordinary float glass with the same type and thickness. The reason why this type of glass has such preeminent characteristics is due to the fact that the stress on the glass surface is pressed, making the microscopic circuit bound combine to form a stronger bond and making the glass resistant to vibrations, wind and strong impact as a result.

When being broken, Tempered glass will create small, even fragments, minimizing the likelihood of causing injury to people. In addition, Tempered glass also has the ability to escape in buildings when there is a fire ( Tempered glass has high heat resistance and does not deform under the conditions of high temperature up to 295°C)

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To purchase the products that meet the requirements of Vietnamese Standards (TCVN) and Japanese Standards JIS, you can take the following steps:

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