About us

Hai Long Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd was established on May 30, 2001, after more than 20 years of construction, growth and development, it has become a leading glass processing house in Vietnam with the brand name

The brand is confirmed by prestige, quality, safety and especially environmentally friendly. Hai Long safety glass products have been used in many key projects of the country, in large projects. spacious, luxurious, modern and trusted by many customers.

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Vision, mission
and core values

At Hai Long Glass, the brand is built from precious values ​​and absolute trust of customers. With a team of professional, experienced, dynamic and enthusiastic personnel, Hai Long Glass constantly strives to become a leading brand in terms of prestige, quality, and competitive price, with the principle of "Dedication for the sake of benefits." customers and partners”.

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With the desire to bring to the market products and services of international standards and completely new experiences in modern lifestyles, in any field, Hailong Glass also proves to be a pioneer, leading the world. driving changes in consumer trends.

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and factories

According to a survey in a number of travel service retailers, Ha Long is a locality that has received many feedbacks about power outages from customers in the past time. Hoang Tuyet, Director of Top One Travel, said that she mainly sells 5-star hotel rooms in Ha Long, so this situation is less common because high-segment hotels often invest in generators.

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Over 20 years of growth and development, Hai Long Glass brand has been and has always been a symbol of the association of leading criteria in the glass manufacturing and processing industry: safety characteristics, durable quality, seasoned experience, Modern technology and complete peace of mind.

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