Hai Long Glass is a brand affirmed by its reputation, quality, safety and eco-friendly. With more than 22 years of construction, growth and development, we are proud to be the leading glass manufacturer in Vietnam.
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Hai Long Glass
Strong vision
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Hai Long Kyoto Company was established on May 30, 2001, after more than 22 years of construction, growth and development, we are proud to become the leading glass processing manufacturer in Vietnam with the brand



Hai Long Glass is affirmed by its reputation, quality, safety and eco-friendly. Hai Long Glass products have been used in many key national projects, in large, spacious, luxurious, modern projects and are trusted by many customers.



To become the leading manufacturer and manufacturer of safety glass in Vietnam.


Hai Long Glass's mission is to satisfy customers, and create timeless value based on the following criteria:


- Products and services meet international quality standards

- Reasonable price

- Experienced staff 

- On time delivery.

Core values

Pioneer - Responsibility - Value - Sincerity

Pioneer: Leading in technology, creation and application of superior, energy-saving, environmentally friendly glass products;

Responsibility: Committed to carrying out responsibilities, serving and spreading good values ​​to society, community, customers, partners and employees on the principle of harmonizing the interests of both parties;

Value: Every thing we do is only valuable when it truly benefits customers because of the principle of Hai Long Safety Glass Company - "Customers come first";

Sincerity: Committed to bringing customers and partners the prices that we genuinely offer.

Company culture

Solidarity - Self-awareness - Consciousness - Diversity

Solidarity: each individual in the company is always ready to support and stand by each other to help everyone achieve the same goal - success;


Self-awareness: Be proactive in your work, self-consciously learn and boldly explore, and propose to develop your own work;

Consciousness: Hai Long people are always conscious in work, in communication, in general hygiene, and in actively participating in company activities;

Diversity: Respect the regional culture, age, opinions and views of other members in the collective work.