Curved glass

Bent tempered glass is a type of high-quality tempered glass, bent to a certain R (curvature) depending on usage needs. Bent glass are produced by using high quality glass placed in a pre-shaped R that needs to be bent.


Bent toughened glass: ordinary flat glass in the heat treatment process will be bent and deformed according to the specified curve. Although the glass is deformed, it still guarantees its characteristics of pressure resistance and heat resistance. That is the reason why like other toughened flat glasses of the same type, bent toughened glass is very safe for users.

Normal bent glass (heat curved glass): Under the effect of heat, normal flat glass will be bent and deformed according to a preformatted pattern. The characteristics of ordinary glass in this type of glass remain the same as it is (when broken, it will form large, sharp pieces that are easy to cause injuries), it only changes from flat shape to curved one. That is the reason why you should be very aware of ensuring safety when installing as well as using.

Bent laminated glass: After being bent to form finished bent glass, normal flat glass will be glued together with PVB film. Going through the heat treatment process, curved laminated safety glass will be formed. Thus, the glass not only still has all of the preeminent characteristics of laminated safety glass, but it also increases its applicabilities and aesthetics after deformation.

Note: As for the aforementioned 3 types of curved glass, the curvature R must follow the allowable standards corresponding to the technical standards of each type of glass. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the curvature R during the design process so that it is appropriate to the allowable technical conditions.

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