In today's complex climate change conditions, when people face natural disasters, air pollution, energy shortages and countless other problems, green architecture has gradually become a trend and being received special attention from investors and architects.


Green architecture is becoming a trend due to climate change
is becoming increasingly complicated.



Keeping pace with the world's sustainable development trend, Hai Long Glass' boxed glass products fully ensure safety - environmental friendliness - aesthetics with the following advantages:
- Heat insulation: High heat insulation ability thanks to a special structure of two or more layers of glass
- Sound insulation: The inert gas between the glass layers ensures outstanding sound insulation.
- Safety: Ensures safety and high durability for users with two or more layers of glass structure.
- Cost savings: High light transmittance, sound insulation, and heat insulation contribute to reducing the use of heat- and moisture-proof devices, thereby saving electricity costs.
- Environmental protection: From the above advantages, using box glass for projects will minimize the impact on the environment.


The soundproofing and heatproofing properties of Hai Long
insulated glass are compared to regular glass.


Green architecture is an important factor in the sustainable development of the construction industry. Hai Long believes that insulated glass is the optimal material solution, harmonizing the relationship between humans and nature.


Insulated glass ensures safety - aesthetics - environmentally friendly factors
will become the optimal solution for future projects.