I. Causes of tempered glass spontaneously breaking (glass explosion)

Besides the outstanding features of tempered glass, there is a limitation: the risk of natural explosion. Tempered glass can break at any time and we cannot predict it.

In the composition of the glass, there is an impurity called Nickel sulfide (Nis). This impurity is very small (about 50 micrometers) so it cannot be completely removed.

When tempered glass is tempered under high temperature (about 650 degrees Celsius - 700 degrees Celsius), the structure and volume of the remaining Nis particles in the glass will change (increasing the Nis particle diameter by 4% or more). The rapid cooling process does not allow enough time for the Nis grain to reach a stable structure at low temperatures before the glass becomes solid. Therefore, the molecules of Nis particles continue to increase or decrease in volume at different temperatures, causing the tempered glass to burst and explode naturally.

Please don't worry too much, currently there are many safe solutions, please read the countermeasures in part II below. These will be the optimal solutions for construction projects with tempered glass installation.

II. Solutions to prevent tempered glass from breaking.

As explained, the cause of tempered glass explosion is due to Nis particles remaining during the tempering process. The Heat Soak Test method (heat soaking tempered glass) used by Hai Long Safety Glass Company can reduce this risk by up to 98%.

Heat soaking is the second process after the glass has been tempered through the stages: heating, heat retention, and cooling. The glass plate is soaked for several hours at a suitable temperature to promote the conversion of Nis molecules. Glass panels containing Nis particles will be forcibly broken during this process. Heat-soaked tempered glass from Hai Long Kyoto Company is processed according to BS EN 14179:2005 standards and is the top choice to solve your problem.

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