New construction trends in modern buildings

Users have increasingly high standards in choosing construction interior products. In particular, finding and using safe types of glass such as tempered glass, double or multi-layer laminated glass, energy-saving glass... in construction projects is increasingly popular.

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Application of safety glass in office building construction (Photo: Hai Long Glass).

Some project owners say that the safety of construction glass is not only widely used in office buildings, but is also chosen by many households thanks to its diverse applications, from making doors. , windows, partitions in the house and in the middle of the house, even used as a substitute for concrete walls.

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Hai Long Glass helps elevate local housing (Photo: Hai Long Glass).

According to Mr. Hoang Minh, living in Hanoi, his first house is being completed to the final stage of glass installation, so he is looking for interior glass products that meet his requirements. Both safe and durable but still beautiful to match the home's decor concept.

"Because my house is built in a neoclassical style, I need to find furniture and interior glass that have simplicity, balance and sophistication in the design lines," Mr. Minh said.

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The wardrobe is decorated with imported stained glass walls, giving a luxurious and elegant feeling (Photo: Hai Long Glass).

Like Mr. Minh, Ms. Hoang Thu Trang, living in Saigon, shared that her apartment is built facing the West so it is very hot because it always receives direct sunlight. Therefore, Ms. Trang is installing reflective glass to help reduce excess heat and glare, balance normal light and block harmful UV rays.

In fact, understanding the project needs to select interior glass types is essential to choosing an integrated solution that addresses living environment constraints. If homeowners rely on the level of light transmission, clear white glass, colored glass, reflective glass, frosted glass, or mirror glass products should be considered; While based on structure, normal glass, tempered glass (also known as tempered glass or tempered glass), laminated safety glass (including 2-3 layers of laminated glass) will be suitable products.

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Using glass in the house also helps the homeowner receive a lot of natural light (Photo: Hai Long Glass).

In addition, when it comes to decoration, lighting, soundproofing and heat insulation purposes, customers will have many diverse choices. Decorative glass is usually glass with rich patterns and colors; Light-gathering glass is clear white glass; Glass that is both soundproof, heatproof and lightproof is boxed glass, with an inert layer of Argon gas in the middle to help insulate sound and heat; interior glass; household;…

Diverse experiences with Hai Long Glass

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of glass production, Hai Long Safety Glass brand (Hai Long Glass) has become the leading glass processing manufacturer in Vietnam.

Hai Long Glass representative said: "When we started entering the market, safety glass in Vietnam was a very new industry, with great market demand but no domestic supplier could meet it. Although the market is full of risks, it is also an opportunity and a mission that Hai Long wants to fulfill with the guiding principle of always striving to bring complete peace of mind to customers."

According to this position, Hai Long Glass has focused on investing in machinery, equipment, modern technology products and leading international imported materials. Typically, modern technology lines from Germany, along with raw materials from Vietnam Float Glass Joint Venture Company (VFG) and glass imported from the US, Belgium, Japan...

Not only that, this brand also has a team of skilled and experienced technical workers who have created top quality Hai Long Safety Glass products with diverse designs and superior features.

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The Hai Long Glass brand is affirmed by its reputation, quality, safety and environmental friendliness (Photo: Hai Long Glass).

Currently, Hai Long Glass is producing nearly 20 types of glass to suit the needs of many environmentally friendly customers such as tempered glass, 2 or multi-layer laminated safety glass, reflective glass and low-e glass, bent glass, insulating glass, etc.

In addition, this brand also has decorative colored glass, super clear (super white) glass, cracked glass, glass for cars, boats, sandblasted glass, art glass paintings... What do these brands have in common? This type of glass is produced using heat treatment technology to create high strength and safety.

From March 15 to 19, Hai Long Glass participated in the Vietbuild event at the National Architecture and Construction Exhibition Palace to promote and bring to customers top interior glass products. Customers who want to visit and experience, please contact hotline: 1900 4696. Interior glass products are constantly updated at!

Source: Dan Tri Newspaper