Bringing 22 years of experience combined with modern technology and the expertise of the production and operation team, Hai Long Glass confidently brings insulated glass that fully meet the elements of safety - function - aesthetics.

Currently, Hai Long's soundproof and heat-insulating insulated glass are applying a self-contained model, automatic production line systems of famous brands with European standards, optimized from the first stage to the final stage. The automation process uses a direct, high-speed, and efficient gas injection and coupling system. This ensures that insulated glass produced at the Hai Long factory always maintain Argon gas levels of 95 - 98%.


Automatic insulated glass production line system from popular brand
 with European standards.


At Hai Long Glass, human factors and operating processes are an important piece of the puzzle that brings optimal efficiency in quality and production schedule. People are the link that connects and controls technology with dedication, experience and love for the profession, to create products that meet international standards called Hai Long Glass.


Human factors and operating procedures are an important factor
brings optimal efficiency in quality.


Hai Long glass products that meet international standards are created by
people with dedication, experience and love for the profession.