Hai Long Glass would like to send our sincere thanks to our customers for your trust and support to the brand during the past time!

Currently, on the market there are organizations that produce and distribute fake and counterfeit safety glasses under the brand name Hai Long. These counterfeit products negatively affect the reputation of Hai Long Glass. Furthermore, these products do not guarantee the quality and safety of customers during use.


Therefore, to avoid customers using products of unknown origin, Hai Long Glass recommends the following notes:

1. Hai Long Glass has only 1 brand - 1 logo as shown in the photo.

2. Customers please place orders through authorized agents of Hai Long, or factory representative offices to be assured of product quality (For contact information, please visit https://hailongglass.vn/en/contact).



3. Please check the label when you received the products. Finished product stamps with order information are attached physically on each glass product produced at Hai Long factory.

4. If you have any questions or doubts about product quality, information about fake or counterfeit goods mentioned above, please contact Hai Long Glass via Hotline: 0981.177.222 / 0979.525.665.


Currently, Hai Long Glass is coordinating with the authorities to thoroughly handle the production and distribution of fake and counterfeit goods in accordance with current legal regulations. We always want customers to choose quality, genuine products to ensure safety during use!