Safety glass - A highlight in modern architectural works.

It is not difficult to realize that in modern architectural works, safety glass has become one of the main construction materials, besides traditional materials. Safety glass appears more and more, with diverse roles and positions such as: partitions, roofs, stairs, furniture... creating elegance and sophistication for projects.

Many architects evaluate that, in addition to outstanding aesthetics, safety glass also possesses many outstanding advantages compared to other traditional materials such as: safety, high durability, and the ability to limit ultraviolet rays. , noise reduction, good sound insulation, good heat resistance and reduced heat absorption, environmentally friendly...

Kính an toàn đã trở thành 1 vật liệu xây dựng chính trong các công trình kiến trúc hiện đại
Safety glass has become a main construction material in modern architectural works.


Looking at the architectural works that have been highly appreciated by architects and consumers recently, safety glass is indispensable. For example: Sora Gardens SC shopping center, new Binh Duong city; Military Television Station, Hanoi; Elite Cruise, Quang Ninh, Vedana Resort, Ninh Binh…

Hai Long Glass – Safety glass brand brings peace of mind value to partners

A representative of Hai Long Glass, a leading glass processing brand in Vietnam, shared: "In just over 20 years, safety glass has developed rapidly from a new material to an indispensable part, creating a mark of impression in modern works of Vietnamese and world architecture.”

Kính an toàn tạo dấu ấn cho các công trình kiến trúc hàng đầu
Safety glass makes its mark on leading architectural works.


Evaluating the current Vietnamese safety glass market, he added: "When we first entered the market, safety glass in Vietnam was a very new industry, with large market demand but no distributor. Which domestic supply can meet the requirements? Hai Long Glass has appeared as a pioneer. Up to now, the market has changed a lot, but Hai Long still maintains its position and always strives to bring peace of mind to customers."

With more than 20 years of experience, Hai Long Glass provides safety glass products that have been used in many key national projects, large, luxurious, modern projects and are popular with trusts.

Kính an toàn khổ lớn với thiết kế đặc biệt tạo nên kiến trúc Trung tâm R&D Samsung tại Tây Hồ Tây hiện đại và sang trọng
Large-format safety glass with special design creates a modern and luxurious architecture at the Samsung R&D Center in Tay Ho Tay.

A project with "unique" requirements is the Samsung R&D Center project in Tay Ho Tay. This is the No. 1 research and development center in Southeast Asia, invested 220 million USD with a land area of ​​nearly 12,000 square meters. The project not only requires high product quality and implementation progress, but also has a specially designed, large-sized glass roof that requires high, meticulous and detailed processing techniques. All of the above strict requirements are fully met by Hai Long Glass, and the brand also proactively proposes construction and design options to achieve the best results.

Thiết kế Trung tâm thương mại SORA gardens SC với điểm nhấn là những bức tường kính hiện đại, an toàn
Design of SORA gardens SC Shopping Center with emphasis on modern, safe glass walls

One of the recent projects of interest is the SORA gardens SC project - the leading commercial center in Binh Duong new city. This typical project is developed on a land area of ​​more than 120,000 m2, marking a beginning for commercial development in the gateway area of ​​Binh Duong City. Carrying the message "Beautify your life", SORA gardens SC is designed entirely with large-sized, energy-saving box glass. The glass is all delicately processed by hand, transported by large specialized trucks with special techniques to ensure product safety and quality. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in "real combat" on large projects, modern technology and high-quality imported raw materials, Hai Long Glass has skillfully handled difficulties and solved "problems". excellently conquered the project Investor.

*Credit: Tap chi kien truc